Welcome to our birding page. We have trips to the North Carolina Birding Trail sites and Audubonís Important Bird Areas. If thereís a site youíd like us to include, let us know. Our trips will focus on birds, but may include other fauna (butterflies, frogs, mammals) as well as the flora of the areas we visit. Join us!

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Photos from some of our previous trips.


To get the most out of your birding experience, remember, birds are wild creatures and, like us, have homes, need food and shelter, and protect their families. Letís welcome them to our area by giving them safe habitat in which to thrive and raise their young and by observing the following:

• Above all, respect the welfare of the bird at all times.

• Respect the habitat by staying on trails and pathways.

• Respect property lines and signs; do not trespass.

• Be quiet when observing and donít make sudden moves; it could cause nesting birds to leave their nests and
   expose their eggs to prolonged heat or predators. Nesting colonial birds are particularly susceptible to disturbance
   and may even abandon their eggs, so watch from a distance.

• Be considerate of others in your group; share your knowledge or learn from others more experienced.

• Limit the use of recordings or other methods to attract birds; never use in heavily birded areas or for attracting
   species that are Threatened, Endangered, or of Special Concern, or that are rare in the area.

For a comprehensive guide on birding ethics followed by the birding community, see the American Birding Associationís Birding Ethics.