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Discover the Wonders of Birds is a family-friendly, schoolroom-savvy education program with interactive, hands-on learning centers. Each center invites people of all ages to investigate a different aspect of birds and how they survive in their environments.

There are about 10 learning centers, but sometimes fewer depending on venue. Visitors are encouraged to stop at each station and spend as much or as little time as they wish. Student groups have a more structured schedule, moving in small groups from station to station and spending an allotted time at each one. Trained Cape Fear Audubon volunteers are present at each learning center to guide the explorations and answer birding questions.

Visitors to Discover the Wonders of Birds will take home answers to questions such as …     
     • Why do birds MIGRATE?
     • How is FLIGHT possible for birds?
     • What are the functions of FEATHERS?
     • How do you use a birding FIELD GUIDE?
     • What must birds have to SURVIVE?
     • When does an OWL MAKE A PELLET?
     • Is CLIMATE CHANGE affecting birds?

Now in its third year, Discover the Wonders of Birds is currently active with fourth-grade public school classroom programs throughout New Hanover County. Our lesson plans conform to NHCS curriculum requirements, and scheduling is coordinated through the county school system.

Learn More: To find out how you, as a teacher, museum leader or park administrator, can bring Discover the Wonders of Birds to your facility, contact Catherine Nesbit.   Teachers may inquire about pre- and post-event learning materials for class preparation and follow-up.

Volunteer Opportunities:  Are you a good communicator?  All facilitators for Discover the Wonders of Birds are volunteers, and come from every walk of life.  They include retirees, working professionals, college students, boy scouts, girl scouts and others. A minimum amount of training is required, but no special background or bird knowledge is necessary. We provide lesson plans and all the support needed for a quick start, and practice will hone your skills. To find out about volunteering for Audubon, contact Catherine Nesbit using the form above or by emailing