Our Mission: "To conserve and restore natural ecosystems within our region, focusing on birds and other wildlife for the benefit of humanity and North Carlina’s biological diversity."
The Cape Fear Audubon Society serves Brunswick, Pender, and New Hanover counties.

Cape Fear Audubon Society (CFAS) is offering grants for research or educational projects focused on a specific local birding habitat or species.

The following is a checklist for any applicant seeking a CFAS grant

1 Request - Applicant must submit a written request 2 months prior to the project time line.

2. Proposal – Applicant must submit a written proposal outlining the project including goals and objectives, research site location, methodology and estimated time line.

3. Budget – The applicant must include a preliminary budget outlining the project.

4. Supervisor – The applicant must collaborate with a qualified supervisor (i.e. university professor or Audubon specialist)

5. Completion -- Upon completion of the research, the grant recipient will submit their final report and make a presentation during one of Cape Fear Audubon’s monthly meetings.

Sum of Grant:
Up to $1500

Evaluate the relevance of the study to our local Eastern NC species and a feasibility of the methodology and thoroughness of the proposal.
A committee of 5 Audubon members will review applications. Final approval for the grant will be brought before the Board Members of the Cape Fear Audubon Society. Decision will be given within 4 weeks of the applicant’s completed request & proposal.