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Introduction and Applications

The numbers of once common birds are declining!

A 2010 Gold Winner

On average, 1% per year of migratory song birds are disappearing.

Suburban and urban landscape and man-made changes are increasing. Surprised? It's not your fault you didn't know. We were brought up to think of yards as outdoor rooms or gardens, never as habitats. No one told us we were forcing out necessary native plants. The US population is over 304 million and is growing at a rate of approx 8,640/day.

Over 2 million additional acres per year (size of Yellowstone Park) is being converted from habitat to lawns, houses and businesses.

We were never taught how the loss of this Native plant habitat affects us.

We are connected by 4 million miles of roads (paved surfaces five times the size of New Jersey). We mow over 62,500 square miles in lawn (an area 8 times the size of New Jersey). We replaced Native plants with over 3,400 alien plants.

54% of the continental US has been converted to suburbs and cities; 41% more has been converted into various forms of agriculture or stripped.

We take 95% of nature and make it unnatural.
• Would you like a solution to this doom and gloom?
• Would you like a habitat/yard that reduces mowing, rarely was watered,
   and doesn't need fertilizers, pesticides or herbicides?
• Foolish question-- of course!
• Well folks, that's where we are headed with this program. Plus, you will have more birds.
• It is one of the few things you can do for the environment and see the results.

If you want it in a math format---
Bird-Friendly Habitat = Buffers and landscaping using Native plants (grasses, shrubs, trees and mulch material) + water sources + feeders + nest boxes + butterflies+ conservation practices invasives - lawn.

In this formula, the most weighted is the Native plants in a mix of shrubs, sub-canopy trees and canopy trees distributed in buffers and general landscaping. It can be over 80 points! You need 100 for Gold. Throw in the other parts of the formula and you get the gold.

As intended, this will give you the best habitat for birds.

Not sure on the Native vs Non-Native vs Invasive?

On the application form, check "consult", and we'll help you out.

1. Download and read the assessment form to see the point assignments and the rationale.

2. Download the application form and fill it out and mail. We'll contact you.

There is no charge for this.

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